Subcontracting the Right Steel Detailer: 6 Questions all Fabricators Should Ask Before They Hire

Are you asking the right questions of your subcontract detailers on structural steel projects? Download our guide today to make sure you're getting the most out of your time and money on every project.


So you've decided to subcontract a detailer for your next structural steel project.

The company you choose to hire—and the tools they use for the job—can have a major impact on the overall profitability of the project. In this free guide, we'll take you through the most important considerations to make when hiring a subcontract detailer, including: 

  • Who will be responsible for connection design?
  • Can they handle the timeline and project size?
  • How can they help me save time and money?
  • How will they manage project data and communication between stakeholders?
  • Will their drawings be accurate and reliable?
  • Are their CNC integrations compatible with my shop?

Finding the right subcontract detailer for your project is not merely a matter of finding the cheapest, best, or biggest. It’s well worth the time to look closely at the detailer’s experience and toolsets. Their reliability, accuracy, and compatibility with your shop can have a major impact—for better or for worse—on your profits, time, and reputation.

Connection design, communications, compatibility - every detail matters when it comes to subcontracting.
A compatible detailer can fast track your projects with quick work that's optimized for fabrication in your shop.
Boost your profits and maximize your ROI. The reliability, accuracy, and time of a good detailer are worth every penny.