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Elevate Your Detailing Services with Estimodeling

For steel fabricators, the benefits of adopting an estimodeling workflow far outweigh any drawbacks—improved bid accuracy, faster project delivery, enhanced collaboration, early clash detection, and better production workflows. But how can detailing firms and subcontract detailers take advantage of this growing trend? Join SDS2 and DGS Technical Services in a joint webinar as we discuss the ins and outs of estimodeling and reveal how detailers can elevate their service offerings as professional BIM estimodelers.

What to expect:

  • Get an overview of estimodeling as an accelerated pre-construction service
  • Discuss the benefits of estimodeling on project speed and accuracy
  • See real workflow examples and results from DGS Technical Services
  • Learn how detailers can market estimodeling as a professional BIM service



Ravi Polamarasetty, P.E. | Engineer, DGS Technical Services 

Ravi is the HOD/Corporate of DGS Technical Services in Elgin USA which is a structural and miscellaneous steel design and detailing company operating throughout the USA. He is licensed in 35 states as a Professional Engineer. Ravi has 25 years of experience in structural steel fabrication, steel detailing, BIM, connection design. and structural engineering.  In his role he manages daily operations of engineering, drafting, and BIM services. He has established quality procedures, design guides, and detailing manuals to introduce into ISO processes. He is a member of ASCE, SEI, AISC, NISD, and is VP of the SDS2 Advisory Board.


Justin Lind | Sr Client Manager / Training Coordinator, DGS Technical Services

Justin's many years of detailing and project management have been the foundation on which he builds his platform for energizing the construction industry to innovate and improve. His many stories of both success and failure along his path of growth have served to bring a heightened awareness to his innate ability to be a problem-solver as well as a leader, teacher, and perpetual learner. His passion for "duplication" of talent in the industry, especially for enticing and equipping the next generation to our trade, is both compelling and contagious. 



Josh Hawley | Senior Technical Consultant, SDS2 

Josh has been in the steel industry for 16 years. During that time he has been a steel detailer, checker, project manager, trainer and a drafting instructor at a local community college. As the Solutions Consultant at SDS2, Josh is responsible for sales, customer satisfaction, and overall product awareness.

Watch the webinar now:

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