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Optimize Your Shop in Real Time with SDS2 and Steel Projects

Join SDS2 and Steel Projects to explore the power of our latest software integration, built to help you optimize shop production.

Steel Projects PLM offers a complete, digitalized solution for real-time shop management, helping you take total control of your shop production with optimized workflows and live production monitoring and analysis of both CNC and manual stations.

Learn how to easily convert your SDS2 steel members into CNC programming that accounts for real-time constraints and discover the many ways Steel Projects can benefit your shop:

  • Take full control of your shop
  • Save raw material
  • Maximize your resources and production capabilities
  • Manage constraints related to standards
  • Increase flexibility
  • Follow and analyze your production in real time


Steel Projects has been editing software solutions for steel fabricators since 1994 and has been the software division of the Ficep Group since 2012. Learn more at


Rejean LaCasse - Steel Projects Support Manager - 300x30

Rejean LaCasse | North American Support Manager - Steel Projects

Rejean Lacasse has extensive experience in the steel fabricating industry and has been with Steel Projects for the last 12 years. Rejean is an electrical engineer and currently serves as the North American Support Manager at Steel Projects.

Laura Sinclair - 300x300

Laura Sinclair | Global Solutions Specialist

Laura Sinclair is the Global Solutions Specialist at SDS2. Laura joined SDS2 in the support department working directly with SDS2 customers for over 5 years, gaining an in-depth knowledge of SDS2. In her current role, Laura creates video content to deliver to customers along with live webinars. Additionally, as SDS2 expands into new markets, Laura will help develop technical sales specialists around the world.   

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