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SDS2 Toolbox: Optimize Steel Delivery with Erector Order and Preliminary Load Planning

Looking for a better way to organize your steel from shop to site? With new tools from SDS2, it’s easier than ever for fabricators and erectors to incorporate erection sequencing and shipment data directly into the steel detailing model. Join us for a first look at the SDS2 Toolbox:  Erector Order and Preliminary Load Planning tools, and discover a simple but powerful workflow for maximizing precision and efficiency as you navigate the tightest jobsites and timelines.  

What to Expect:

  • Erector Order – Easily assign erection sequencing data directly to members and materials within your SDS2 model and visualize the entire erection process step by step.  
  • Preliminary Load Planning – Create initial load lists based on trailer capacities and the established erection order.  
  • Use both tools in conjunction with SDS2 Load Planning to complete your precise load map with geometry, center of gravity, and other critical information. 



Nathan Bloch | Account Manager, SDS2

Nathan Bloch is an Account Manger at SDS2. Nate’s start in the steel industry began as a delivery driver for a steel fabricator in Lincoln, Nebraska. Working his way up to the detailing department, Nate has a wealth of insight to the everyday issues faced by detailers and fabricators.  Nate is dedicated to helping steel detailers and fabricators to learn about tools, like SDS2, that can help them keep up with the rapid changes and growth to stay competitive in the industry.

Watch the webinar now:

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